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What are the advantages of an LLC?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Business Organizations |

When Florida entrepreneurs get started on a business, there are several questions to ask. One of the first is: how do you want to structure your business? Each structure holds its own benefits and drawbacks. Today we will be looking at limited liability corporations, also called LLCs. 

There are many advantages to LLCs. The first is that, as the name implies, you have limited personal liability. Sole proprietorships and partnerships make you and your business the same legal entity. This means if the business suffers from debts, those are your debts as well. It intertwines your finances. You could even risk your personal assets if an employee faces negligence accusations. An LLC is legally separate from you, so you do not suffer these same risks. 

There is less paperwork involved with LLCs as well. Corporations must make annual reports. They must hold annual meetings for shareholders and pay fees to the state. The state often requires that they keep intensive records as well. LLCs do not need to file annual reports or hold the same meetings. It is better suited for informal businesses that are smaller. 

Finally, there is a lot of flexibility in an LLC. There is flexibility both for management and for ownership. LLCs do not have to use formal structures that other types of businesses have. Likewise, LLCs have pass-through taxation without restrictions. 

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