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Intellectual Property Law

Although well versed in general business litigation, Conwell Business Law, LLLP, is one of the few boutique Florida law firms that has a focus and special expertise in intellectual property litigation. Nearly every business today has a wealth of intellectual property issues. Whether your company is creating cutting edge software, in the manufacturing sector or providing services, we can help you obtain the broadest protection available.

We can advise you on whether your best approach would be registering your intellectual property with the Copyright Office or the Patent and Trademark Office or protecting your company’s rights as trade secrets. Our experienced IP attorneys are adept at writing agreements to protect and license your patents, trademarks, copyrights, or software, or any other form of intellectual property. And if your competition or your former employees infringe, we will aggressively protect your rights in the state and federal court systems as well as before Florida and federal administrative agencies.